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To purchase the Book of Vibrations, the Book of Absorption or the Book of Virtue means tuning into a new frequency found within Gold Grains.


The Book of Vibrations

The Book of Vibrations is for anybody who finds themselves in a state of ‘stagnation’; whose life is going round in an unchanging circle.

The lexis used in this book is tuned to a specific human frequency that is capable of generating a new vibration, breaking through this ‘stagnation’ and bringing about real change...

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The Book of Absorbtion

To read the Book of Absorption is to seek invaluable assistance in order to create and release a spark of Vibrations of Absorption that help individuals around the world. 

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The Book of Virtue

To read the Book of Virtue is to acknowledge that it contains ideas of benefit to the entire world. We are all engaged in writing a single book - each individual together.

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