The history of the Book of Vibrations

As a child I had the gift of foresight, but I did not want to use it to make predictions. Therefore I

did nothing with these abilities. Not until  certain events started to occur, triggering me to write this book - 30 years later.

The gift of prophecy was transformed into an ability, providing a small push in the right direction, depending on the situation or energy in the lives of people. Therefore, I cannot share my vibrations with all of the people on the planet; however, I can write a book about it to influence the way people see everyday life.

I hope to make it available to those who really need it. If you do, in order to read and fully understand the book, you must let go of how you would normally perceive the world.

There is no doubt, some will not bother reading a single chapter. And that is simply because they don’t need it. But is it by accident that you are currently holding it in your hands? I believe not. By a great chance, it’s the vector of direction which carried you to this book in your hands. You are on the right path.

When the energy crystallises into the vibration of a certain wave, the wheel of the vector will decompose the bad situation itself, even one that you never thought about...

So, the Book of Vibrations was not invented by me. The words came by themselves and every word and symbol that was dictated by me from the inside were recorded. I have written this book in the Metro, deep underground, where the secrets of our world lay buried. It was underground, where more complex words started to appear and this is when I decided to pass them onto you. To those who want to learn more about the book. About the secrets it can reveal.

This book carries certain vibrations that will help you to attain the old mechanism of time and gain a new level of knowledge about yourself.

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