Instructions - an explanation of the unusual language.

The language that this book is written in can be regarded as “philosophical” which is difficult to perceive in the beginning. But because it is difficult, it breaks the framework of 'perception' in order for the movement to finally commence.

The small ‘cogs’ must start moving to enable the whole mechanism to be put in motion. It is you being courageous and diving into action which will make sense of the language. It is only when you submerge yourself, you will understand.

Necessary instructions for reading:

  • Do not read the entire book at once and do not expect quick changes.

  • This book is designed for one day of reading. Vibrations may be stronger than you expect. Do not hurry.

  • For example, you read the first day and suppose you re-read it several times later, you will feel the small changes happening each time.

  • Now, put the book away.

  • I cannot stress it enough, you can only read during one session a day as it is necessary for information to slowly start working itself through you.

  • You need a diary in order to start writing down your feelings, thoughts, desires, changes, and of course dreams.


Any sensations and feelings are important and they need to be recorded, in order to analyse and understand what they mean.


So, the language of the future is used throughout the book, designed to prepare you for new changes within yourself. For those changes that are coming from the outside.


The task of the language is to prepare you for new vibrations from the within. To bring changes in your usual rhythm of life. Do not look for the logic and meaning of words, read and let the vibrations work themselves.

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