Rijageja ( Master of Reiki, 45 y. Latvia)

The text is hard to read, I got the feeling that the book was written in the language of the Future, the language of vibrations where there is no place for logic. As a master of Reiki, I switched to the language of energies and experienced unusual sensations after the first reading. Every word is a breakthrough and the book works. I really liked Day 8, I re-read it many times, realizing that this day I need right now.

Derek Marcus L ( 22 y, Studying BA in International Relationship ,UK)

The Book of Vibrations is enticing as it transfers us back to our real world as we have lost our way of life.

Victor C. ( Director of the Military School, Ukraina, 45 )

These words seem to be from the future, breaking the brain apart . Small advise - catch up with the meaning of the words after reading the main part of the day. It will be a breakthrough as soon as you have caught the stream. Take care of the book - collect the flows, the right time will come and they will merge into one whole, fulfilling its purpose, in which each of us is part of the Plan. "

A.O. ( DJ, musician, 45  y. UK)

I feel like I am in a recording of my own dreams that I don’t remember, it’s a big empty space which I am filling with my own memories ..

Angelina Mother Superior, Women's Orthodox Monastery, Latvia, 65 years old)

After the 5th day of reading, a miracle has happened - I fell asleep without using my medicine. It was a miracle, and the miracle still remains to this day, that I do not need medicine in order to fall asleep.

Entrepreneur, Aquarius, traveller.

 I didn’t understand anything as I only partially read the book, but the way it is written is so interesting, you come back all the time and try to understand what is written in there. Useful stuff, makes you move your brain.

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