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The CONFIANCE Gold Grain


This Gold Grain contains a rousing vibrational frequency of honesty that contributes to the growth of strong relationships between people. You become a carrier and a conductor of powerful frequencies that protect your Soul's power, helping those around you to 'recharge' and to develop new characteristics of Trustfulness, like an impulse awakening. 

CONFIANCE - Salamandra

  • The Confiance Gold Grain carries energies and frequencies that awaken your soul and its memories. 

    The purpose of the Gold Grain:

    1. To connect to the singluar golden source of Vibrations of Confiance.

    2. To awaken the spark of the Virtue of your Soul's Confiance and to increase its frequency. 

    3. To transfer to others a new energy: the Impulse of Confiance, created to awaken the Virtues in others. 



    24 carat pure Gold from the mystical Andes mountains

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