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The Veritas Gold Grain


This grain activates the powerful vibrational mechanism of Veritas which is vital for a person to protect themselves from the influence of artificial constructs. You awaken the spark within Veritas which ignites an impulse in your soul, starting a flow that will never cease, spreading the healing properties of this precious vibration through the souls of those who require your help. This potent energy will form a channel along which strong relationships can be formed, vibrating with the frequencies of the New Level, creating an emergent Veritas Impulse and allowing the soul to fulfil its limitless, boundless potential. 


VERITAS - Black Dragon

  • The Veritas Gold Grain carries energies and frequencies that awaken your soul and its memory.

    The purpose of the Gold Grain:
    1. To connect to the singular, golden source of Vibrations of Veritas.
    2. To awaken the spark of the Virtue of Veritas within your soul and to increase its frequency.
    3. To transfer to others a new energy: The Impulse of Unselfishness, for the awakening of Virtues in others.

    Material :
    24 carat pure Gold from the mystical Andes mountains.

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