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The Sinceritas Gold Grain

This Gold Grain carries the powerful vibrational energy of Sincerity, lending power to self-belief and belief in others. The healing properties found within this vibration will reveal your soul's potential, vibrating at a New Level of frequency. This in turn allows both you and others to create a nascent impulse of genuine Sincerity, allowing the Soul to bare itself. 


  • The Sinceritas gold Grain carries energies and frequencies which awaken your soul and its memories.

    The purpose of the Gold Grain:

    1. To connect to the singular, golden source of Vibrations of Sincerity.

    2. To awaken the spark of the Virtue of your Soul's Sincerity and to increase its frequency. 

    3. To transferto others a new energy: the Impulse of Sincerity, created to awaken Virtues in others. 

    Material :
    24 carat pure Gold from the mystical Andes mountains.

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