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The Magnanimitas Gold Grain


Within seconds, the energy field created by Magnanimitas vibrations generates an unstoppable flow of golden sectional energy, unleashing the entirety of your soul's potential to accept new Magnanimitas frequencies that protect your consciousness from alien influences. 

You take up the responsibility of cleansing the vibrations of those ungrateful individuals who would see this world laid to waste, and you are able to repurify energetic flows by releasing your inner strength. The betterment of others becomes your creed, revealing a new path for you to walk.


  • The MAGNANIMITAS Gold Grain carries energies and frequencies to awaken your soul and its memories.

    The purpose of the Gold Grain:
    1. To connect to the singulae golden source of Vibrations of Magnanimitas.
    2. To awaken the spark of the Virtue of your Soul's Magnanimitas and to increase its frequency.
    3. To transfer to others a new energy: the impulse of Magnanimitas created to awaken the Virtues in others.

    Material :
    24 carat pure Gold from the mystical Andes mountains.

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