The Virtus Gold Grain


Each individual who forms a connection with the Source of Virtus contributes to the power of decisive action when in danger. You gain the ability to expose and share the most profound energetic impulses of Virtus which, when combined, unite the most precious properties of the soul, broadcasting them across the Universe for others to see. 


A powerful shield forms around you, reflecting all destructive blows. Not only do you denature this destructiveness, but you fundamentally alter its polarity, allowing the Soul to generate new powers of protection, healing and help. 

VIRTUS - Ukraine

  • The VIRTUS Gold Grain carries energies and frequencies which awaken your soul and its memories.

    The purpose of the Gold Grain:
    1. To connect to the singular, golden source of Virtus Vibrations.
    2. To awaken the spark of the Virtue of Virtus within your soul and to increase its frequency.
    3. To transfer to others a new energy:  The Impulse of Virtus, in order to awaken this Virtue in others.

    Material :
    24 carat pure Gold from the mystical Andes mountains.