Me Genius Kind,

I am the Genius of Good Deeds

With good deeds, light the stars of Good

Good thoughts - kind words - good deeds.

Good is an impulse, a spark in the soul.

Good deeds cause a feeling of sincere gratitude, which can serve as a powerful incentive for human activity.

There is a common desire to do good in response to another.

But in the harsh conditions of the material world ... we forgot how to do good and what is good in reality. We do not have time now to even think about it in the conditions of global cataclysms of changes. The main objective of the project is to answer the main question - what is good?

The project encourages everyone to discover the innate, kind light in themselves, to open a spark in their soul and the soul of their neighbour.

The objective of the project is to find the spark of good hidden in the human soul.

To Create an Ark of Good and Good Deeds. Concentrate the energy of good (the power of good) in our minds and hearts.

Learn to create together and combine our forces. 

I suggest you join the project, combine the power of good and light the stars together. We can learn to create positive thoughts. To light, a star means to create a star

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London, UK

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