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   At MeGenius, our goal is to create healthy and strong people that possess a profound calling within them: to unleash the Soul's potential, for the sake of future generations, the planet, and for the betterment of life. 

The MeGenius brand, founded in 2011, deals in Gold Grains (gold dust nuggets) mined in the mystical Andes mountains of Peru, in accordance with all environmental measures and requirements.

    Our brand was created not out of the desire to change the world - as others do - but rather to protect it from external, artificial influences.

From day one, we have been striving to help each individual on earth to recall themselves, to reveal their profound potential, to gain confidence and to seek protection from those who wish to see this world destroyed.

We want to awaken within each team member's Soul a memory that speaks of Virtue's true meaning and how it can affect their daily actions and lives. 

At the exact moment of failure or 'stagnation', we want an individual to start looking for new paths and solutions, creating new energetic movements through the awakening of pur vibrations within the Soul.

    We want to offer forth our Gold Grains, each of which carry specific, golden vibrations attributed to the 15 Virtues, and help spread the energies of these Virtues throughout the world, so that no individual forgets themselves or loses their golden potential. Remember yourself; recall your profound knowledge, your experience and your abilities, and you will transform into a successfully self-realised and fully fledged person.

    When the energy of our Gold Grains spreads throughout the world, the vibrations will ensure that humanity never again forgets itself and its inherent Virtues. 

We value every team member that joins us, as happens every day. We do not operate as consumers, rather as one big family and one team, united under a code of respect, understanding and helping others, in accordance with the principles of the 15 Virtues.

The Energy of Pure Gold

     Gold dust formed from pure Gold creates rare 'vibrational frequencies of consciousness' - these were familiar to the monks of Tibet and the Mayans.

Scientists have long known the healing properties of pure Gold. Any contact with this golden energy can affect the success and well-being of a person, and can influence all aspects of their life. 

     This golden energy has been gifted to us in order to help and protect the people of this world.

Gold Grains

     Even the smallest grain of Gold carries a powerful vibration associated with one of the Virtues.

    Each one contains a special energetic force, and he or she who owns a Gold Grain receives protection from external, artificial and damaging forces.

Meet The Team

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